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our story begins in the fields

We envision a system for farms to sell more of their crops in an efficient market with less waste. Cerplus creates a structure for food purveyors and buyers to exchange fresh produce that would otherwise go unsold. With Cerplus, buyers can save money and purveyors can increase their sales.

wringing waste from the food supply chain
too much left unharvested

40% of all edible food grown in the U.S. goes uneaten. 20 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables is discarded or left unharvested at our farms — typically because it’s too "ugly" or ripe, costing farms $15 billion a year.

surplus recovery reduces waste

We team up with growers and food purveyors who want to reduce their losses, and connect them to buyers who want to cut their costs by purchasing surplus produce that would otherwise go to waste.

cerplus optimizes matching

By connecting purveyors and buyers through our marketplace, we help streamline the selling and purchasing of surplus produce.